Daily Temporary artist-run newspaper




“Daily temporary” is an inner newspaper following the processes of creation in a small nomadic art community, which first appeared at Nomadic Village 2012 in England, where 4 issues were printed out. The fifth issue was printed in Finland in occasion of program of exchange between two artist-run galleries – “Studio44” Stockholm and “Galleria Huuto” Helsinki, with the support of IASPIS, Sweden.

In the beginning the newspaper was meant to be published daily. By the time we decided to create key newspaper issues, which resemble the art event in the best way.

In general the newspaper serves as tool between artists in a small circle (event), where ideas, experience and opinions are shared along with a lot of friendly interventions. Artists are always welcome to contribute material for the newspaper in variable subjects and manners.

“Daily Temporary” is open for new ideas and proposals!





This year “Daily Temporary” will be once again guest at Nomadic Village 2013 this time in France. Before then, there are scheduled two more issues of the newspaper, based on the subject “Looking for Love”. The sixth issue will be created during Eco Art Symposium “Lomea” in Bulgaria, and the seventh issue in Venice, influenced by the Biennial.



We are:

The team


Penka Mincheva



Visual artist, working with stamps and pins, making stamp performaces, objects, video, installations and sometimes organizing exhibitions.

Co-organizer of Process - Space Art Festival


Coordinator of Art Symposium LOEMA www.lomea.org


Peter Westman



Visual artist, conceptual objects and installations, photo and collaboration work.








Mattias Larson

Coming soon!


Guest member:

Sound and visual effects



Mattias Larson



Visual/sound artist, suffering vagabondage his hole life. Developed the mobile, interactive multimedia studio called Glimpse, together with Malou Bergman, Nadja Ekman and Alvaro Campo. www.glimp.se

Runs the artist-run gallery Candyland in Stockholm together with eight others. www.candyland.se



Trouble Master

Unnecessary library



A caravan, no actually a library hanged on our camper will provide a cosy atmosphere for reading Daily Temporary. This mobile library will be covered from inside with issues from the newspaper. Its aim is to put up questions about media, communications and mobility. Trouble master is also a place for discussions and idea exchanges.


Coming up soon!



  • Nomadic Village 2013 | Cuges les Pins, France | September 23 – October 6 | 2013
  • Venice Biennial (independent project)| Venice, Italy | 16 – 22 September | 2013
  • Art Symposium “Lomea” | Rousse, Bulgaria| August 25 – September 1 | 2013
  • Galeria Huuto | Helsinki, Finland | January 23 – February 10 | 2013
  • Nomadic Village 2012 | Wolsingham, United Kingdom | May 21 – June 2 | 2012


Nomadic Village 2013 is a major event of the festival “Nous serons tous d’ici”, an Aubagne Community project in Marseille-Provence, European Capital of Culture 2013.




Independent artist-run newspaper


Idea and photo documentation:

Peter Westman


Design and web:

Penka Mincheva


Guest member, sound and visual effects:

Mattias Larson



"The trouble master" - unnessecary library.


Coming soon!